Thoughts By Coffee Dave

Poems, thoughts, stories, pictures, etc... either about coffee or that would be discussed over coffee...

She just couldn’t take it anymore

She just,
Take it

As they
Walked out
The door…

Get away
Douches of all
Sorts and kinds

The road
Less traveled…
Feeling frazzled

But, camping…
An answer
For them
Would be…

Fires, and
Dancing in
The mind

Took place
The thoughts,
Of the
Other kind…

Till sharing
The tent
Mosquitos and bees

And skinned
Up knees

Deet asphyxiation…
Offspring, too
Busy to see

The gun,
Mouth raised,
Cold cocked,
Head blazed

In the
Bloody sun…
Crackle fire
Burnt the bun

Flame, now
No one
To blame…

Guess just
Take it

In mind’s
That was
The horror

Believe it
Just a

You be
The judge
Is it what
It seems?

Appreciates the little…

You sit …there,
Tilted neck… Out window frame,
Finding breeze loving the cool air,
Even though you no longer hear your name..

When called by others,
As passing by your life they go,
Walking in the sun , with legs
Healthy, like the ones you used to own

Still smiling through war and…
Body pain, still spirit soars
Though mind grows dim
Thoughts from early times - flows

Water falling….memories still there
In broken stuttering stories..
Ahhh another flash of golden rays
Another whisp of cool air..

Sitting on bed of sickness
That glimmer smile still takes…
Its place, amidst the wild eyed distant
Longing for home stair on your face,

Nurses, patients all around, no fresh breeze… cool your mind but you remember
Those from the past - wincing memories
Although years and far away…they’ll last

Till the last little morsel dries into a stone
You’ll love from within - those little things,
And listen for the slightest sound
Calling out your name and you’ve been found

I’m a migraine..

I have a migraine,
You’re so boring,
Not philosophical,
Just plain low brow..

"My kids are this,
My kids are that”,
You really care?
Truth or dare..

Yawning with a smile,
truthfully lying all the while,
“Should see each other”,
You speak of another

"Here’s my fanciful rant"…
“smart!”, you say
Exclamation marks all around,
You’re no where to be found…

I’m a migraine,
That I see
What digital eyes
Would not reveal,…lies

Absence of messages,
Is the pill, is the cure
Better take a bitter pound
Cause ounces are all I’ve found

Taking shot by shot,
Moment… drawn out moment
Not long till drunk with excess time
Now makes sense, there is rhyme…

To your reason,
To excuses that bore rhythm,
Now, hollow sounds,
In the shallow desert drowns…

… a heart I thought might beat,
A drum noise different, much
Different than the rest,
Fooled I’ve been, AT BEST!

Your migraine’s gone,
Since I was he…
Momentarily in your head
Gone now, open eyes, fear no dread

I’m your migraine,
Lie no more…
To yourself, nor to me
Just ask, and ill let you be


I’ve so done it - accomplished it all,
Finished my course,
Wish I was proud..

Not at all! sitting alone
By myself, in myself
Fucking drunk with misery to the bone

Blanked faces, which were smiling
When I entered the room,
Searching mind files, tired of filing/

What’s been done wrong?
Of course I know!
What’s she, (they) done more right?

Business and pleasure all are one,
They shouldn’t be
Honestly nothing’s fun!

I wish shallow words could answer…
for me,
They can’t like they would for her
I’m obviously blinded - can’t see

I wish a smile would do,
At least to wipe the darkness
In the eyes of those I’ve closed..

I wish a tear could let them know,
Could wash away my created,
Momentary, shale faced stone

I’ve made perfect statues of you all,
Your eyes sightless, mouth speechless, ears deaf
When I call

Sadness would be sweet,
If it made a difference, could make a change
With my tears I’d wash your feet

Wishing is the new currency,
It’s interest owed is high,
Faith and hope don’t work for me

Home, nomadic places at best
Wrong decisions to blame
And me for the rest

How to return to where
My embraces would matter
Would do anything to get there

Wonderful OCD

Tick tock, count the clock
Count it twice, No make it thrice
That’s just out loud…
Forget what’s in the head
Could be a hundred ticks in there…

And class has just started,
The teacher says…
…Something - shuts the door
Repeating now by fours
Its time to take the floor…

"Get up to speak"
coaxing the mind,
Oh no, the pinky touched the side
Of the desk… as you stand
Better swipe with the other hand,

But make it good,
And, connect… or again
You’ll need to touch,
And they’ll suspect
The weird games inside the mind…

You’re up now,
How though? Not sure!
Time to clear throat and mind
Mind can’t be done
And throat at least three times

Ahem ahem ahem
Ahem ahem ahem
Once more
Ahem ahem ahem

Tick tock there’s that clock
Count to ten
Its suddenly sacred
To count that way
Yesterday was seven
But this is today

Oh no, not here - not now
Religious thoughts
The worst - and how!
Unpardonable sin you’re sure
You’ve committed

Can’t it wait till after my five minutes?
Repent repent repent
Seven more times
With prayers that rhyme
Thought prayers in the mind

Somehow you’re done
In just overtime
Don’t look at her
You’ll HAVE to look again
Back to your seat do pennants then

All in all not so bad
Only forty five
No four minutes
Of hell, make that three
To sit through and be had

Alone all by (my) (your)self

Feel like a nobody in the ocean,
Fucking insignificant amongst…
Friend, enemy,
Frenemy and foe..

Singing through the pipes,
Breathing air, stale, dry pieces…
Coughing up humanity’s dregs
With every labored wheeze…

Freshness felt in every goodbye,
Ahhh, the only real heartfelt sessions,
Only time - truth is felt…
Fun is finally smelt…

Fish run upstream to spawn,
So ungrateful souls can have their fill,
Swill faces full - till vomiting
Commences - starting a new day…

Oh, so wonderful the taste,
Of un-asked-for attention
Except for all of it…
“no worries, don’t mention”

Loving forkfuls, spoonfuls too
Of as much life being mouth packed,
Clown car-like, destroyed dike
Flooding … Drowning feelings,

Once again here,
The reality matrix reminds me…
Drink what can be,
Till its inevitably gone .

You’re ALL beautiful!

You’re ALL beautiful, why a-whoring
After mirrored image attention?
Working the streets of my mind,
Wanting what given doesn’t matta..

Drunk with my wine bleeding
From veins from my spine-less…
Ness-esaary images & idols

Bow down if you will,
Chase them if you want,
Wish for them to fill,
They won’t - and you know…

Table to table campaign-ing
Picture selfie taking
Black and white and blue

Mind-ful soulish prints,
Heart beating.. bruises
Easier to endure
The game that compare(s)

Eyes with Eyes,
Ears with scissors,
Breasts with asses,
Talent with fears

Consider the setting,
No oxygen nor sun,
Moonlight distant,
Shore far as you make it…

Voting is currency for the shallow,
Waters…pour where torrents
Once were known
Before door knocking began

Let the fake porcelain faces,
Once and for all,
And smiles with them,
Be broken


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